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Publicity and Candid Photos

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When his company outsources all their jobs, a novelty products salesman must travel to India to train the replacements. Ayesha plays Asha, one of the new employees. The film was shown at the Toronto Film Festival in 2006 and won an award at the 2007 Palm Springs Film Festival. The trailer can be seen via the official site.

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Life Isn't All Ha Ha Hee Hee

Life Isn't All Ha Ha Hee Hee is a 2005 BBC TV movie about three close friends. Ayesha plays Chila, a woman who is having doubts about her new marriage.

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Bombay Dreams

Bombay Dreams is an Andrew Lloyd Webber production that opened in London in 2002. The musical then ran on Broadway in 2004-2005. The story centers around a young man who has dreams of being a Bollywood star. The man falls in love with Priya, a daughter of a successful Bollywood film director. Ayesha played Priya in the London and Broadway runs.

Anita & Me

The Kumars are an East Indian family living in a small English mining village in the year 1972. Twelve year-old Meena Kumar befriends blonde and beautiful Anita. Cultural differences are explored in this coming of age comedy. Ayesha plays Daljeet Kumar.

The Mystic Massuer

In 1950s Trinidad, a frustrated writer supports himself as a masseur. However, he soon becomes a revered mystic and politico. Ayesha plays the character of Leela.

Arabian Nights

Ayesha plays the character of "Coral Lips" in this 2000 television movie.

The Terrorist

After her brother is killed in service of the cause, young Malli joins a terrorist organization. Now 19 years-old, she volunteers to become a suicide bomber and assassinate a VIP. On the path towards her mission, Malli begins to have her doubts. Ayesha plays the title character in the film and won a best actress award in the Cairo Film Festival.

City of Joy

A father relocates his family from a small village to Calcutta after losing their land and property. Once there, the lose he loses the family's entire savings and they struggle to get by. They get some help from an American doctor played by Patrick Swayze. Ayesha plays Amrita, the oldest daughter.

Little Ayesha is smitten.

The smile of first love.

Manika, the Girl Who Lived Twice

Ayesha plays Manika, a young girl who lives in an Indian fishing village. Manika believes she has lived before, and a teacher helps her discover the truth. Ayesha was only fourteen years-old when this film was released.

Look how young she is!



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