Episode I Dolls and Action Figures

Handmaiden Dolls and Action Figures have been present since Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace debuted in 1999. However, the few items that were released at that time weren't labeled as such. As time went on, more merchandise trickled out, some with the proper names! Below are some of the Handmaiden action figures and dolls that have made their way into the retail arena the past few years.

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Escape from Naboo Portrait Edition

One of the first handmaiden dolls sold was released as part of the Queen Amidala Portrait Edition Collection. The second in the series of three is the Black Travel Gown doll. "Queen Amidala" is featured wearing a nicely detailed Escape from Naboo Gown and feathered headdress. The other two solo dolls have the Queen wearing her red Senate gown and the purple Return to Naboo dress. There is also a Battlemaiden Amidala Doll boxed with the Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn.

Ultimate Hair Amidala

Ultimate Hair Amidala isn't Amidala at all, but Sabé in the battle dress. There is even a picuture of Keira Knightley wearing the costume on the back of the box. This doll is not as well made as the Portrait Edition Doll, but it does let you "Capture the beauty and elegance of Queen Amidala in her battle outfit with lots of hairstyling play!"

Hidden MajestySurprise!

The Hidden Majesty Queen Amidala doll features Amidala in the flame gown with a plastic Padmé face sewn into the hood. Take the hood off, add the cape, and surprise, it's the Queen in disguise.


Action Figures

Queen Amidala and Padmé

The first two psuedo-handmaiden action figures were released just prior to Episode I's debut. Queen Amidala: Naboo is the young ruler dressed in her Battle Gown. Many handmaiden fans have used this figure and just a touch of paint to creat their own Rabé and Eirtaé Battlemaidens. The Padmé Naberrie figure features the character in her Tatooine costume. She is refered to as a handmaiden on the back of the card.

Sabé-Queen's DecoySabé Force File

Sabé-Queen's Decoy shows the handmaiden in her Battle Dress from the Gungan meeting and palace battle. Keira is pictured as Sabé on the front and back of the card. Her Force File description reads: As one of the royal handmaidens, Sabé assists Queen Amidala with her elaborate wardrobe, hairstyles, and make-up. The handmaidens act as bodyguards to the Queen, and are chosen for their intelligence, courage, and loyalty. Sabé is the Queen's most valued handmaiden, and has been trained to act as the Queen's decoy in times of danger.

Royal DecoyRoyal Decoy

Queen Amidala-Royal Decoy is actually Sabé in the Escape from Naboo Gown. The photos on the front and back are both of Keira, not Natalie. The text on the back states: "In times of danger, the handmaidens serve as secret bodyguards by posing as the Queen, such as on her trip to the Galactic Senate on Coruscant, in which Sabé served as the dependable and nonchalant decoy for the Queen."


Although some of these items were released several years ago, you may still be able to purchase a majority of them. Your best bet would be to browse your local and online toy stores, collector websites, and www.starwars.com.


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