This gallery contains non-SW images of Sofia Coppola, the actress who portrayed Handmaiden Saché in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. For more information on the actress/director and her role, be sure to visit our Sofia Coppola page.


Publicity and Candid Photos

With her father Francis (Courtesy of Meg)

With her father

Courtesy of Meg

Courtesy of Meg


Courtesy of Capz City

Nat at TPM Premiere in London

Saché & a Naboo Guard: Sofia and her brother Roman Coppola

Directing Kirsten Dunst in 'The Virgin Suicides'

With George Lucas

Winning an MTV Movie Award

At the 2004 Golden Globes

Winning an Oscar in 2004

Directing 'Marie Antoinette'

Gwenyth Paltrow with a pregnant Sofia

The Godfather Part III

In 1990, Francis Ford Coppola released the thrid and final film in the Godfather trilogy. Winona Ryder was originally cast to play the role of Mary Corleone, but when she was unable to, Coppola cast Sofia in the role at the last minute.

With Al Pacino

With Andy Garcia

Peggy Sue Got Married

In this 1996 comedy, Kathleen Turner faints at her high school reunion and finds herself a teenager. Sofia plays the role Nancy Kelcher, Peggy Sue's sister in the 1950s.

The Outsiders

The Outsiders is a popular young adult novel and was brought to the screen in 1983 by Francis Ford Coppola. Twelve year-old Sofia has a brief cameo in the film as "Little Girl". She is listed as Domino, not Sofia, in the credits.



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