Indian actress, Ayesha Dharker, played Queen Jamillia in Attack of the Clones. She got her start in film in the French production, Manika, une vie plus tard. But her big break came, arguably, with her starring role in the film, The Terrorist.

Dharker has acting in film, television, and on stage in Indian, French, American, and British productions.

Film credits:
Anita and Me (2002)
Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones (2002) ... Queen Jamillia
Mystic Masseur, The (2001) ... Leela
Split Wide Open (1999) ... Leela
Terrorist, The (1999) ... Malli
City of Joy (1992) ... Amrita Pal
Manika, une vie plus tard (1989) ... Manika Kallatil

Television credits:
"Doctors" (2000) (guest appearance) ... Meena Chauhan
"Arabian Nights" (2000) ... Coral Lips

Stage credits:
"Bombay Dreams" (2002) (musical) ... Rani

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