British actress, Keira Knightley, played Sabé, the decoy queen, in The Phantom Menace. She is the daughter of actor Will Knightley and actress/author Sharman MacDonald.

Knightley has done both television and film work. She has worked in British, French, German, and American productions.

Film credits:
Love Actually (2003) … Juliet
Pirates of the Caribbean, The (2003) … Elizabeth Swann
Pure (2002) … Louise
Bend It Like Beckham (2002) … Jules
Deflation (2001) … Jogger s
Hole, The (2001) (as Kiera Knightley) … Frankie Smith
Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace (1999) … Sabé
Innocent Lies (1995) … Young Celia
Village Affair, A (1994) ... Natasha Jordan

Television credits:
"Zhivago" (2002) …Lara Guishar
Princess of Thieves (2001) … Gwyn
"Oliver Twist" (1999) (as Kiera Knightley)… Rose Fleming
Coming Home (1998) … Young Judith

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