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Episode I

Why do the handmaidens all have "é"s at the ends of their names?

We don't know. We can only assume that it's a common feminine qualifier in Naboo culture.

Is Sabé played by Natalie Portman?

No, Sabé is portrayed by the talented Keira Knightly.

But I remember Rick McCallum saying in an interview that they were the same person.

Since the costume and makeup fooled even Natalie's mother, it's not surprising that Mr. McCallum may have been confused on the issue.

When is Sabé the decoy queen?

Sabé acts as Queen Amidala during the escape from Naboo scene, where she wears the black dress, and during the scene for the battle of Naboo, while wearing the battle dress. For a more detailed explanation, visit the Decoy Queen page.

Who does the voice of Sabé while she is acting as queen?

Keira Knightly does her own voicework, but it is digitally altered.

What are Saché and Yané doing while they are left behind on Naboo?

We at the RHS really don't know, but we would like to think that they were either leading a resistance movement or perhaps terrorizing Neimoidians with whatever they found lying around the palace weapons closet. ;)

In one scene, while Amidala is preparing for her audience with the senate, Anakin comes in and looks for Padmé. Amidala comments that Padmé is running an errand, yet there's still three handmaidens in her chambers. What's up?

Being a poor slave boy from Tatooine, we can only assume that Anakin never received much of an education. Anakin can't count.

Why do you list Rabé and Eirtaé as the two handmaidens who accompany Amidala to the Senate. From the previous scene, Rabé isn't wearing the Senate cloak, and Sabé looks good to go.

Every official source states that Rabé is the second one in the pod, so fans can only speculate as the to reasons why Sabé was left behind. Perhaps the close call with Anakin made everyone reconsider the decision.

How old are the handmaidens?

We don't know exact numbers, however, Yané is supposed to be the youngest with Saché being only slightly older.

Did Nick Gillard really play a handmaiden?

Yes, he did in fact play a standmaiden. Nick Gillard confirmed it himself to members of the RHS staff.

What is a standmaiden?

"Standmaiden" is a term that the RHS derived from the words "stand-in handmaiden." During pick-up shots of certain scenes, not all of the actresses that portrayed handmaidens were available, and the standmaidens were used, instead.

Keira or Kiera?

Officially, it is Keira, but Lucasfilm accidentally listed it as Kiera in the cast listing.

Karol Cristina daSilva? Where did the Karol come from?

Karol is Cristina daSilva's full name. However, she doesn't use it when she acts.

I want to send the actresses fanmail. Can you help?

Sorry, we really can't help you there. The "Star Wars Insider" used to forward fanmail to actors and actresses, but have stopped since the events of September 11th, 2001.


Episode II

Are any of the Episode I handmaidens in this movie?

Nope. AOTC is Sabé free.

So, what are the original handmaidens doing during this movie?

We really don't know, but we would like to think that some of them perhaps started families or became politicians. We're hoping that none of them died - but if they did, we're sure they went down fighting.

What's this we hear about a Versé?

In the opening scene, you can see a hooded figure follow Cordé out of the ship. That is Versé. You can't actually see her face, but there is one decent shot of her cloak and another of the back of her head. She died when Cordé died.

How did Dormé not die?

Dormé was sent ahead, and was already on Coruscant, when the ill-fated ship finally landed.

Are Tekla and Nandi handmaidens?

Most emphatically, NO! They are servants. To relegate them to handmaiden status, demeans the handmaiden position.

How many handmaidens does Queen Jamilla have?

We counted at least four.

Is it just me, or does Jamilla's handmaidens wear a gown that is just like the flame dress with some minor alterations?

It's not just you.


Episode III

The handmaidens were barely a blip on the radar during this film. What happened?

With so much of the final story left to tell, some scenes had to be deleted. Unfortunately, the ladies were the vicitms of editing cuts.

Did there cut scenes make it onto the DVD?

Aside from a brief glimpse during one of the documenteries, no.

Did Moteé and Ellé know that Padmé was with child?

Every source indicts they were aware of her condition.

What happened to the two after Padmé's death?

Their fate is unknown, but the we're confident they escaped Coruscant unharmed.

Were any of Padmé's handmaidens from the first two films at her funeral?

During the funeral seen, it's impossible to see most of the handmaidens' faces. We'd like to believe most of them were able to attend; including Moteé and Ellé.

What happens now?

In a galaxy of books and comics, fan fiction and video games, the possibilities are endless!


Site Submissions

I have fanfiction/fanart/humor/poetry/icons/name puns/etc that I would like to submit to the site. May I?

Sure! We'd love for you to submit it. Just email it to and we'll try to put it up!

Do your submissions have any ratings guidelines?

Please try to keep all fanfiction, poetry, and images rated PG-13 and under. Kids come to this site, so we'd like to keep it family friendly.

Any specific image guidelines?

Send us JPG or GIF files, only.

How should we format our fic?

We're working on an automated system, but for now all fanfiction should be clearly named and rated in the Author's Notes. All fanfiction should contain a personal disclaimer. Email us your fics as a FULLY WRAPPED TEXT FILE. NO HTML or DOC FILES, please!

What about the other stuff?

Poetry, name puns, etc, can just be submitted in the body of an email. Please include your email address, though.



Site Questions

Why the handmaidens?

If you have to ask that, you're at the wrong site. Kidding aside, the handmaidens are strong and interesting characters, but are often overlooked by Lucasfilm and the fans. They don't have Force abilities. They aren't CGI characters. They don't wear skimpy costumes. They're just a group of brave women doing their job. Never grabbing the spotlight, but willing to put their lives on the line for the cause.

How often do you update?

We update whenever we get new stuff to add. Keep in mond though, that while we have four people on our staff, all of us are very busy with our work and family commitments. So don't be mad if we get behind on updates.

This link/image is broken.

Please email us and let us know.

May I please use a pic from one of your galleries for my site?

As long as you're not interested in using entire galleries, that's fine. However, please just ASK us first. Also, if you wouldn't mind giving us credit for the image, we'd be thankful


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