Episode III Gallery

This gallery contains photos and behind-the-scenes images from Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. Filming for this last prequel began in the Summer of 2003. Pick-up shots occurred the next summer as well as during the months just before the film's release in May of 2005.

Moteé and Ellé

Kristy Wright and Chantal Freer as Moteé and Ellé

Moteé and Padmé with C-3PO

Moteé with the Senators

Kristy Wright sharing a laugh with Jimmy Smits and Natalie Portman

Queen Apailana

Queen Apailana from the 'Art Of' book

Queen Apailana scan courtesy of MaggieM

Apailana from the VD

Keisha getting touched up from the 'Making Of' book

Apailana and her handmaidens (Making of RotS)



Moteé and Amidala in the Senate



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