Dormé is Amidala's surviving handmaiden from Episode II. It is obvious that she is incredibly devoted to Padmé and the two seem to have a sisterly relationship - despite how Dormé continually refers to Padmé only as "My Lady." She occasionally gives Padmé advice on practical matters and she isn't afraid to see the humor in a situation. In one cut scene, Dormé is shown chuckling at Anakin's expense as he complains about his relationship with Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Despite the fact that next to nothing is known about this handmaiden, she is still the most well-developed HM in the series. We see her face often, and she has more lines than any other handmaiden - sans possibly Sabé of Episode I. Even then, Sabé's lines were primarily of her impersonating Amidala. Dormé's lines express her personality.

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