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As with other merchandise, the Handmaidens of Episode II do not have as many book inclusion as the Fab Five. However, they do get some attention in several forms of Star Wars literature.

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AOTC Novelization

The Attack of the Clones novelization by R. A. Salvatore is an expanded version of the film. Not only does it contain cut scenes from the movie, but it also elaborates on those scenes already there. The first few chapters take place before the beginning of the film. Padmé is shown getting ready for her trip to Coruscant and has a conversation about her safety with Captain Panaka. It is stated that Typho lost his eye during the Battle of Naboo and is Panaka's nephew. Cordé does dies in Amidala's arms, but there's no mention of Versé.

Memorable Quote: " "You are in my very soul, tormenting me," Anakin went on, not a bit of falseness in his tone. This was no ploy to garner any physical favors; this was honest and straightforward, refreshingly so to the woman who had spent most of her life being attended by handmaidens whose job it was to please and entertain dignitaires whose agendas were never quite what they seemed." Hopefully there is a missing comma somewhere. Handmaidens do attend to the Senator, but it's Padmé who has to please and entertain dignitaires.

Junior Novel

The Episode I Junior Novelization by Patrcia C. Wrede is a young adult book that retells the plot of the film. The opening chapters let the reader know Amidala is not on the ship. Dormé is already on Coruscant, and is seen waiting for Amidala on the landing platform. After the explosion on the landing platform, Padmé looks over and sees the motionless body of another handmaiden. She is devastated over the deaths of Cordé and the others, but Versé is again not mentioned by name.

Memorable Quote: When Anakin goes with Padmé to Theed Palace, he thinks to himself how odd it is not to see Amidala on the throne. He notes that Sio Bibble and many of the advisors are the same, as are the handmaidens in the flame colored gowns. Anakin may need his eyes checked.

Episode II Visual Dictionary

Cordé and Dormé

The Star Wars: Episode I Visual Dictionary by David West Reynolds is a reference book written as if the characters and events of the film were not ficitonal. Gone are the full length shots of the loyal handmaidens. Instead, there is one small picture of Cordé and company coming down the ramp, and two small headshots of Cordé (post-explosion) and Dormé. There is also a very small picture of Queen Jamillia and her handmaidens.

Memorable Quote: "Like the Naboo Queen, Padmé is served and protected in vunerable situations by loyal handmaidens who can act as decoys, assuming Padmé's identity, appearance, and dress."

Art of Episode II

Handmaiden Designs by Ian McCaig

The Art of Episode II by Mark Cotta Vaz contains pre-production art work and concept art by design director Doug Chiang and concept designers Ian McCaig and Dermot Power among other. The book is in chronologically order for the most part, and includes the screenplay by George Lucas and Jonathan Hales in the back. The book features several unused designs for Padmé and handmaiden costumes as well as a concept design for Queen Jamillia.

Note of Interest: The screenplay is one of the few sources that actually refers to Versé by name. It also calls Cordé the Senator's "decoy double".

Episode II Graphic Novel

Poor Cordé

The Episode II Graphic Novel is adapted by Henry Gilroy and illustrated by Jan Duursema. This softcover comic adaption by Dark Horse follows the same storyline that's in the junior novelization. There are illustrations of the handmaidens in a few cases. Aside from Cordé's death, they appear mostly in the background. In some instances, the dialogue and scenes have been shortened. However, some cut scenes were added back in.

Note of Interest: The death of Cordé is drawn in great detail, with only a slight change in dialogue. A scene just after this was cut from the film, but kept here. Padmé appears in the Senate just after her "death" has been announced. Dormé accompanies her wearing the purple hooded cloak.


The Episode II Storybook by Jane Mason and Sara Hines-Stephens is a retelling of the film using full-color photos from the movie on every page. There are several clear photos of the handmaidens, especially of Cordé and the first scenes of the film. Because the story is mostly told through pictures, many scenes are shortened significantly or left out altogether.

Note of Interest: This is one of the first sources to print a clear photo of Versé following Cordé down the ramp of the ship.


Star Wars Mythmaking: Behind the Scenes of Attack of the Clones by Jody Duncan is an extensive report on the filming of the second installment of the prequel trilogy. The book features full color, behind the scenes photographs, as well as interviews with the cast and crew. Handmaiden wise, the book is sadly lacking. All photographs of the handmaidens were published previously, and there is very little mention of them at all.

Note of Interest: Throughout the book , they have passages entitled Notes from the Set. One such passage discusses filming in Caserta, Italy. "A number of local young women have been hired to portray the Queen's hadmaidens, and Trisha Biggar's crew has dressed them in shimmering, orange-hooded gowns. The first and second assistant directors resort to drawing pictures on paper to communicate with the Italian-speaking extras, explaining their positions and blocking."

Although some of these items were released several years ago, you may still be able to purchase the majority of them. Your best bet would be to browse your local and online book stores, collector websites, and www.starwars.com.

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