Custom Action Figures and Dolls

Due to the scarcity of handmaiden merchandise, many talented fans have taken it upon themselves to design their own action figures and dolls. Often beginning with one or more action figures (usually Padmé or Leia), clay and paint are used to morph the figure into a loyal handmaiden. Below is a small sampling of some fans' inventive creations.

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We are brave...

"We are brave, Your Highness." Chris Rogers created these figures from a pivotal scene in handmaiden history. The Decoy Sabé figure was completed a full year before Hasbro released the official one. No details are given about the procedure, but the second from the left looks like a blond Eirtaé.

Ready for action!

Loyal Protectors: Several years ago, a Jedi Council member by the name of Jeff posted the very first images of a handmaiden custom figure in the RHS thread. Eirtaé and Rabé are modified versions of the Queen Amidala: Naboo figure.

Front ViewlRear View

Travel Gown Sabé by John G is a custom made handmaiden in the Flame Gown. Suprisingly, this figure has never been made my Hasbro. John used a Mon Mothma figure and Sabé Queen's Decoy. Poor Mon Mothma has her head removed by a "boil-and-pop" method. Several different shades of warm color paints are used to color the gown. In the insturctions, it's mentioend that to be aware that this gown has two hoods, not just one.

Front ViewBack View

Handmaiden: Coruscant Gown, also by John G, was created using a Princess Leia action figure and Adi Gallia's Jedi Robe. This seems to be one of the eaiser figures to make as the only other materials are the maroon paint and sculpy, which is akin to clay. Pink paint is used to design Amidala's crest on the gown.

Amidala rescuing RabéRabé and Sabé work together

To create Ceremonial Rabé, more female action figures have been decapitated. In this case, it's Adi Gallia and Mon Mothma. The same materials are used for this figure as well. Once again, Amidala's crest is painted onto the front of the gown. This particular figure is labeled as Rabé due to the darker flesh paint that was used. However, the other handmaidens could also be created using the same process, but different skin tone paints.

Royal Handmaidens

Queen Amidala's Royal Handmaidens, created by John G, includes some figures not seen alone. In addition to the three figures mentioned above, this shot has Eirtaé and Rabé ready for battle and a handmaiden in the popular Yellow Throne Room Gown.

More detailed instructions of John G's handmaiden, and Amidala, figures can be found at ArtooNews. The site has an entire section devoted to custom figures.
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This Battlemaiden Eirtaé was found in our files and its creator is unknown. Made from the Amidala figure and painted to match Eirtaé's coloring, the first, and perhaps only, blond handmaiden now has her own figure. If you sent this our way, please let us know.


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