Episode II Miscellaneous Handmaiden Merchandise


Since the handmaidens of Episode II aren't as prominently featured as those in the first prequel film, there has been a limited amount of merchandise released related to them. Here you will find a few selections of Episode II products.

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Episode II DVD

A Star Wars film available on video is always a good thing. With the Star Wars: Episode II: Attack on the Clones DVD, you can skip straight to the Cordé and Dormé scenes. Freeze frame and zoom to get a good look at Versé. Diligently view the behind the scenes featurettes for a glimpse of our gals. Oh yes, and enjoy the fifth installment of the greatest movie saga ever made.

A Handmaiden Coloring Book

The Anakin and Amidala Coloring book contain scenes from the film that you can color. One half of the book is Anakin scenes, the other half is devoted to Amidala. In the Padmé section, you can find a few pages with Dormé on them. Unlike the Episode I coloring books, the drawings are a little crude and the handmaidens are barely focused upon.

For the second film, Topps released Attack of the Clones Widescreen Cards. These cards are shots from film, which means there are some that show the handmaidens. The back of each card gives a summary of the scene as well as a smaller image. Below are some scans of cards from the series.

Thanks go to jeditictac. Thanks go to jeditictac.

In 2001, Wizards of the Coast was granted the license for the Star Wars Collectible Card Game. Cards from Attack of the Clones were released just before the actual film. Below are some of the cards from the SWCCG.

Can you spot Versé? Duty The New Queen.

Interested in purchasing some of these items? Your best bet would be to browse your local and online toy stores, collector websites, and www.starwars.com.

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