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Run by Adi
Fit for a Queen - an indepth costume analysis for Padmé and the Handmaidens

Run by Maggie
The Padawan's Guide - amazing guide to star wars prequel costumes

Run by Anyanka
Loyal Decoy - a site dedicated to Sabé

Run by Jazzy Jedi
Handmaiden Adventures - a Fab Five fanfic archive

Handmaiden & Actress Sites

Keira Knightley WavefrontKeira Knightley ForeverKeira-Knightley.orgKeira Knightley - SeductionWalking in Daydreams

Handmaiden Fanlistings
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Sabé FanlistingDormé FanlistingEirtaé FanlistingAnakin/Dormé Fanlisting
Keira Knightley FanlistingRose Byrne Fanlisting

Live Journal Links

Star Wars Handmaidens - In Service of the Queen

Fans of Sabé and Obi-Wan

Anakin + Dormé

Keira Knightley Daily!

Rose Byrne Daily

These were amazing sites and we hope to see them back soon!

Run by Yané of Naboo
The Elusive Yané - a comprehensive site on Yané and Candice Orwell

Run by Katie and Dessi
The Sobiwan Network - a love so secret, not even George Lucas knew about it

Run by obi's girl
Fated to Be - a lovely Sabewan Fansite

Run by trbs
the rose byrne site - great site that has been down for quite some time  


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