Episode III Handmaiden Information

When Episode III: Revenge of the Sith was released, handmaiden fans were hoping we would gain more knowledge about the newest handmaidens and next Queen of Naboo. Unfortunately, their roles were minimized and their scenes deleted. In earlier drafts of the script, the handmaidens were to have a more active role in the film. Accompanying Padmé to Mustafar, Moteé and Ellé were to be killed on the landing platform along with Captain Typho. However, those plans were changed less than a week before filming began.

Additionally, handmaidens can be spotted walking alongside Padmé's casket during the Naboo Funeral, though the scene does go by rather quickly. An Episode III Set Diary was written the day the scene was filmed. According to the diary, Natalie Portman's stand-in Holly Stringer was finally going to be seen during the film. She was playing one of TEN handmaidens. Ten? From a long shot of the funeral procession, there are several horse-like creatures pulling Padmé's casket. Four hooded figures are walking alongside the casket (two on each side) and two figures are following directly behind it. These six figures are more than likely handmaidens.

Trailing somewhat behind, are another group of hooded figures and then the new Queen, clad in her light colored mourning robe. The group of figures appear to be Padmé's parents, sisters, and neices as you can see the Queen in the background during their close-up shots. When Queen Apailana is shown, a single handmaiden is seen walking behind her. From a behind the scenes photo however, we know that there are two handmaidens present. That brings the count to eight.

Where are the other two? From a close-up of Jar Jar, you can see that he is walking ahead of the animals. Over his right shoulder, you can see a figure clad in red. Maybe she is the last two?

Ever hopeful, we await the release of the DVD to gather new information about Moteé, Ellé, and Queen Apailana of Naboo. In the meantime, please visit our Episode III Gallery for pictures from the film and behind the scenes.



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