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By Author:

"Yes, Mother" by bobill - A little veggie madness-Just how much influence does Dormé have on the Senator?

New! "Rabé's Journal" by Courtney Megaro - Rabé's thoughts during the events of Episode I.

"Episode 1 Journal: Yané" by Handmaiden_Yané - Episode 1 through Yané's eyes. Just what DID Yané and Saché do when they were left behind, anyway?

"Sabé's Secret Funeral" by Handmaiden_Yané - The death of a HM.

"Sabé's Journal" by Jazzy Jedi - the events prior to and during Episode 1 from Sabé's point of view. Obi-wan/Sabé Alt Reality Romance.

"Choice" by Jazzy Jedi - a sequel to "Sabé's Journal."

"Conspiracy" by Jazzy Jedi - a companion piece to "Sabé's Journal" and "Choice". During a night on the town, Saché uncovers a disturbing plot against the queen.

"Sabe's Daughter by Lelaina Nuruodo -Inspired by the events in Jazzy Jedi's Sabé's Journal and Choice stories. Alternate Universe sequel.

"Last Line" by Maren Jensen - Events of TPM as viewed through the eyes of Sabé the Decoy Queen, including the unexpected friendship she develops with Obi-Wan (Yes, I know *another one* buy hey, mine's different!) Rabé, Eirtaé, Amidala, and Qui-Gon are also featured.

"Eirtaé's Story" by Obi Anne - Eirtaé's thoughts and feelings during the events of Episode I.

New! "Mistaken Identities" by Seribaba - An Episode II handmaiden adventure.



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