Behind the Scenes of Episode I

This gallery contains behind-the-scenes images from Episode I: The Phantom Menace. Filming for this first prequel began in the Summer of 1997. Pick-up shots occurred the next summer as well as during the months just before the film's release in May of 1999.

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Roman Coppola as a Naboo Palace Guard with sister Sofia/Saché in the background.

Silas Carson, Keira Knightley, and Oliver Ford Davis on the Main Staircase.

Walking in Theed Plaza sans CGI.

Ewan gets ready as the ladies look on.

Sofia gets distracted.

Take 1.

First day of shooting: Arrival on Coruscant.

Director George Lucas with Keira and Liz.

Natalie Portman and Terrence Stamp chat between takes while KCdS rests.

Liz, Lucas, Natalie, and KCdS in Palpatine's Apartment.

Liam, Ahmed, Ewan, and Liz aboard the Queen's ship.

Keira and Liam look on while Ewan does a magic trick for Jake Lloyd.

Keira gets ready for her big scene.

Be careful Artoo.

Nothing amiss...yet.

The girls can't stop laughing.

Giggling Handmaidens

Filming Qui-Gon's funeral.

Keira gets fitted for the Disco Ball Gown.

Trying a different hairstyle.



Sofia drives away after a day of filming

Liz and Candice flirt a little with Artoo.

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