The Handmaiden Gallery

Welcome to the Royal Handmaiden Society's Galleries. The pictures contained in the following pages contain collections of images devoted to Amidala's faithful, trustworthy, and courageous attendants and bodyguards-the Royal Handmaidens. Our galleries are primarily sorted by the name of the scene the images are from, with a few exceptions. The scenes are listed below in the order in which each appears in Episodes I and II. Click on a link below to see each gallery.

Episode I: The Phantom Menance

Throne Room

Invasion of Theed

Hangar Escape

"It is to Be Commended"

"Send No Transmissions"

The Air Taxi/Landing on Coruscant


Anakin Can't Count

Senate Appearance

Palpatine for Chancellor

Return to Naboo

Beg for Help

Battle for Naboo

Kiss Your Franchise Goodbye

Qui-Gon's Funeral

Disco Ball Parade


Episode I Behind the Scenes


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