Past Updates

2/10/08 Our first update of 2008! A happy belated New Year's to everyone!

Keira Knightley's lovely green dress from her film Atonement is being auctioned off for charity. Clothes Off Our Back auctions off costumes and donates proceeds to various children's charities. Bidding on the dress started at $1,000, but bids have already tripled! If any of you have a few thousand dollars laying around, and are a size 2, the auction ends on March 1.

Rose Byrne will be appearing at this year's Paley Fest at the Museum of Television and Radio in Los Angeles, California. Rose plays the character of Ellen Parsons on the television series Damages and will be appearing with the rest of the cast on Monday, March 24. Handmaiden Andé had the opportunity to see George Lucas at last year's Paley Fest. Here's hoping another RHSer will be able to attend this year!

We've updated our Links page this weekend. We added some Live Journal links of handmaideny interest, but deleted a lot of other links. It seems handmaiden sites are rapidly disappearing. On a positive note, we did add some links to some wonderful sites, so be sure to check them out. And we're still looking for some creative folks to send in some handmaiden Live Journal icons for a new page. If you have any you would like to share, please email Andé at rhs_ande at sbcglobal . net. We've been inundated with spam, so if you could use that email, we'd be grateful :)

1/01/07 The Royal Handmaiden Society is pleased to announce that one of our own, GentleBant, was selected by Lucasfilm Ltd. as one of the costumed participants in the 2007 Tournament of Roses Parade! "GB" marched alongside the LFL Naboo-themed float, along with members of the Rebel Legion and the 501st Legion. She was on the "camera side" of the float so if you watched the parade (or video clips thereof) you should have seen her.

GB wore an actual LFL outfit as she was told no less than George Lucas himself said he "liked her look"; so she wore an archival copy of the "flame gown". You can read her report of the costume and see her pictures on this page.

GB with R2D2

7/14/06 We're working on some more updates, but here's something we're very excited to share. Our ladies have finally gotten more recognition from Lucasfilm! Offical Pix now has some very nice handmaiden photos from all three films. A very happy Andé went on a little spending spree. These pictures will eventually go into the appropriate galleries, but it's easier to put them on their own page for now. :)

5/21/06 Greetings fellow handmaiden fans. As we're sure you've noticed, the RHS hasn't been updated in quite a while. For that, we apologize. Our staff has become very busy with Darth Real Life, and the person in charge of the major updates, Handmaiden Andé, is in her last six weeks of her Master's Program. Again, we're sorry for the lack of updates, but rest assured that once Andé completes her thesis, the RHS will once again become your one stop for all your handmaiden needs. And just in time for Keira's new movie in July! MTFBWY!

1/27/06 A belated Happy New Year to you all! The RHS staff has been very busy due to Darth Real Life, so we apologize for our lack of updates. We are working hard to bring you some new handmaiden info and pictures soon. Thank you so much for your patience.

We've had requests from people looking for handmaiden icons to use on Live Journal. If anyone has any icons they'd like to share, please send them in! We'd love to open an LJ icon gallery with our next update.

11/08/05 In honor of Episode III: Revenge of the Sith arriving on DVD this month, our Episode III Gallery has been reworked. Unfortunately, the deleted scenes section did not contain any new handmaiden scenes.

Numerous Amidala and handmaiden costumes from all three films are on display at the FIDM: Dressing a Galaxy exhibit in Los Angeles. Members of the RHS staff attended the exhibit, so look for a report in the next few weeks. Some scans from the Dressing the Galaxy book have been included in the update.

New information was posted on the official site regarding the fate of Queen Apailana. Here's hoping her handmaidens escaped or went down fighting.

We have a lot more in store for RHSers, so look for updates soon...but not too soon! Sorry.

10/12/05 Not much in the way of updates, but plenty of handmaiden news. Episode III: Revenge of the Sith arrives on DVD November 1. Hopefully the deleted scenes will contain the missing Moteé and Ellé. Numerous Amidala and handmaiden costumes from all three films are on display at the FIDM: Dressing a Galaxy exhibit in Los Angeles. Members of the RHS staff will attend the exhibit and report back in the next few weeks.

Keira Knightley (Sabé) stars in two upcoming feature films: Domino and Pride & Prejudice. Sofia Coppola (Saché) directs Rose Byrne (Dormé) in Marie Antoinette. The film is due out next October.

And finally, the Royal Handmaiden Society website celebrates it's sixth anniversary this month. Yes, six years! A galactic thank you to the RHS staff (past and present) as well as our contributors and loyal visitors

4/19/05 The RHS is off to Celebration III! Our agenda: To spread the word of all things handmaiden. To question (interrogate) Lucasfilm Representives about handmaiden neglect. To approach (accost) Nick Gillard and ask him if he really did play a handmaiden in one of the films.

If you happen to see someone in a handmaiden T-shirt, say hi because it's probably one of us. If it's not, find out where they got their shirt! :-) And we (Andé) promise more updates when we get back. See you in Indy!

2/24/05 It's one of the staffer's birthdays, and updates make such shiny presents! Fixed up some of the dead links. Several sites seem to have closed. Updated the Episode III gallery with a few new scans. Several DVD releases the past few weeks: Rose appears in Wicker Park and Troy, while Keira can be found starring in King Arthur. Added a link to the video page. And Rabé makes her first appearance in the action figure galaxy!

2004 Updates Missing
11/10/03 Several updates this weekend. The Very Secret Diary series was added to the Handmaiden Humor section. Twelve new creations equal an update in the Wallpaper gallery. We are very thankful to those who helped us win the Handmaiden Award in this Summer's Akina Awards.. The RHS is also Site of the Moment at Jedi Gardens. Much thanks!

08/04/03 The Keira Gallery is back online. Updated Rose, Fanart, and Wallpaper pages. Don't forget to cast a vote our way in the Akina Awards. Thank you to the kind person who nominated us.

07/18/03 Yes, another update! In the Keira gallery, added serveral new pictures and opened up the Princess of Thieves page. Also added two new stories to our Fanfiction page.

07/13/03 The Goodbye Scene has been added to the Attack of the Clones/Episode II Gallery

07/12/03 The Rose and Keira galleries have been completely redone with many new pictures added. More updates to come soon.

06/26/03 Big, big news! Two new actresses have been cast as Handmaidens for Episode III. The RHS would like to introduce Kristy Wright and Chantal Freer. Also added a few new images to the Rose and Keira galleries.

06/15/03 Ten new wallpapers from Handmaiden_Yane have been added to the Wallpaper Gallery. New images added to Rose Gallery and Keira Gallery. Also added four new fanfics for your reading enjoyment.

05/18/03 A few small updates today. Finally added the Custom Figures page in the merchandise section. Also able to grab screen captures from some of the maidens' films. You'll find images from The Terrorist and Arabian Nights on Ayesha's Gallery Page as well as captures from Subterano on Veronica's Page. Turns out her character is named Monkey, and not Mouse.

04/20/03 Sometimes, life just eats, well, your life. Working on the new layout as you can see. The exterior page and sub-menus are done. The interior pages, well, those depend solely on my access to an image editor over the next two weeks. (Until those get fixed, just use your back button for navigation and please try to ignore any glaring stylistic ugliness.) Hope to have some fanfic up in the next day or two.

04/13/03 Yay, an update! Added a link on the news ticker to the Pirates of Caribbean trailer. Updated the Wallpaper page (again) with three new submissions. Added several icons and a few pieces of work to the Fanart Gallery. Rose Byrne section updated with five new pictures. Look for more updates in the near future. We hope.

02/28/03 Updated the Wallpaper page with ten beautiful new creations. Added a few new icons as well as another Episode I Behind the Scenes picture and a small photo of one of Queen Jamillia's Handmaidens. Look for more updates in the coming week.

02/02/03 Updated the Blacklist page and added a new fanfic.

01/26/03 Added the Blacklist page. Today starts day one of the massive website redesign. Please bear with us.

01/02/03 Added the Assassination Attempt #2 gallery page to the Episode II gallery.

12/12/02 Added the Fanfiction page, finally. Complete with FOUR fanfics!.

11/30/02 Added a new banner from Princess Eirtaé to the banner page. Updated the Queen Jamillia, Fay David, and Keira Knightley gallery pages with new screen captures and scans. Also added Episode II Behind the Scenes.

11/19/02 Added the Links page, the Credits page, and the FAQ.

04/20/03 Sometimes, life just eats, well, your life. Working on the new layout as you can see. The exterior page and sub-menus are done. The interior pages, well, those depend solely on my access to an image editor over the next two weeks. (Until those get fixed, just use your back button for navigation and please try to ignore any glaring stylistic ugliness.) Hope to have some fanfic up in the next day or two.

11/17/02 Added the Diary of a Crazed Mimbanite comic to the Humor section.
Episode II Gallery updated with the addition of the Death of a Decoy and An Audience with the Queen scenes.

11/16/02 Added completed Threads page and activated its Index link.

11/12/02 With the release of Attack of the Clones, the Episode II Gallery is being updated. Pages were added for Appearance at the Senate, Meeting in Palpatine's Office, Reunion and Packing in the Apartment. Look for more Episode II pages to appear in the next few days.

11/11/02 Episode I Gallery updated with the addition of The Air Taxi/Landing on Coruscant, Senate Appearance, and Qui-Gon's Funeral.   The Episode I Scenes Gallery Pages are now complete.

11/10/02 Episode I Gallery updated with the addition of Invasion of Theed, Hangar Escape, and Episode I: Behind the Scenes. The Standmaidens page was added as well as a gallery page for Fay David. Pictures were added to the gallery pages of Sofia Coppola, Keira Knightley, and Queen Jamillia. New Icons from Bria were added. New merchandise can be found in Episode I Miscellaneous (Star Wars Party Book), Episode I Books (Secrets of Naboo RPG), and Episode II Books (Making of Attack of the Clones).

11/03/02 Added the Link Us page and revised About the Episode 1 HMs as well as the Yané page.

10/22/02 Added revised Poetry and Songfilks pages.

10/13/02 Added the Kiss Your Franchise Goodbye gallery page.

10/12/02 Added the "It is to Be Commended" gallery page.

10/06/02 Added the Battle for Naboo gallery page.

10/01/02 Added new pictures to the Rose Byrne, Keira Knightley, and Sofia Coppola gallery pages. Also updated the Episode I Miscellaneous Merchandise section with images from the Jar Jar's Adventure game.

9/24/02 Added the History page.

9/15/02 Added a new image to the Queen Jamillia and Handmaidens Gallery, as well as a new photo of Rose in the Rose Byrne Gallery. Three new images added to Fanart, while _Padme_'s icons were welcomed to the Handmaiden Icons page. The Episode I Miscellaneous Merchandise section was updated with information from the Star Wars Cookbook II.

8/22/02 Added pages for Ayesha Dharker and Candice Orwell in the Actress Gallery section, plus a page for Queen Jamillia and Handmaidens in the Episode 2 Gallery section. A new editorial page on The Essence of Handmaidenology and the Handmaiden Icons were also added.

7/28/02 Added the Guestbook page.

7/27/02 Added pages for Cordé and Dormé in the Episode II Gallery section

7/26/02 Added pages for Karol Cristina da Silva and Friday "Liz" Wilson in the Actress Gallery section. Added the Dolls & Action Figures page in the Merchandise section, plus the Humor page in the Fandom section.

7/22/02 Added new wallpaper images to the Handmaiden Wallpaper page, as well as the Actress Intro page in the Galleries section, plus the Gallery page for Rose Byrne

7/20/02 Added pages for Versé, Padmé, and Queen Jamilla and her handmaidens, and updated the pages about the Handmaidens of Episode I and Episode II.

7/11/02 Added pages for Karol Cristina da Silva, Ayesha Dharker, Keira Knightley, Candice Orwell, and Friday 'Liz' Wilson in the Actresses section.

7/06/02 Added 2 new Handmaiden Galleries pages in the "Episode I by Scene" section, Return to Naboo and Disco Ball Parade.

7/05/02 Changed front page image to 'landscape' orientation, added pages for Handmaidens Saché, Yané, Cordé and Dormé, and a new Handmaiden Galleries page in the "Episode I by Scene" section, Palpatine for Chancellor.

6/30/02 Created interim Updates and Introduction pages, revised front page and fixed minor problems with the Episode I by Scene page in the 'Gallery' section and the Identification in the 'Episode I Info' section.

6/28/02 Completed addition of pictures for the Identification page in the 'Episode I Info' section.

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